Knik Kountry Liquor

Telephone Number

(907) 376-1616
2710 S Knik Goosebay Rd
Wasilla, AK 99654





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3/3/2011 Knik Kountry Liquor - hey mr. hart, this is jace piper. i dont know if
hey mr. hart, this is jace piper. i dont know if you remember me but i came up with ms. jill and spent christmas with your awesome family. i havent talked to you for quite awhile and thought id say hello. well ive been thinking about that place they call the great white north ever since i came back to the lower "48". i still have atleast 4 more years to serve as of right now, but who knows what the future holds. what im getting at is, i had a great time up there and im coming back to make a home so i would like to keep intouch with you over time. plus you promised me a moose,hopefully you get this, and for KNIK KOUNTRY LIQUOR.............they've got my vote.

P.S. have a shot or two for me.

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