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8/23/2011 Planned Parenthood - The customer service and care I received at
The customer service and care I received at Planned Parenthood was the worst I have ever encountered. Although Planned Parenthood promotes itself as a secure place patients can expect to receive trustworthy and respectful care, I received nothing close to that. First of all, I was overcharged. I did not find out about this until months later when I called to find out why I had not received the reimbursement I was entitled because my insurance covered my services there. Seven months later, I finally received reimbursement but it was $176 less than it should have been. Along the way, countless mistakes were made by the Planned Parenthood financial services office. In addition, I was constantly I'll-informed by people in the office. I admit some people were helpful and I sensed they intended to help me, the office was poorly run. This has been a terrible experience that has left me very wary and suspicious of Planned Parenthood. I wonder how many others have been taken advantage of in this way. While my precious encounters with this company were satisfactory, after this ordeal I could never return. I would encourage women to stay away.

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