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2/26/2011 World Survival Institute - I had attended a meeting with W.S.I members
I had attended a meeting with W.S.I members capable staff including a great person Chris Janowsky in Bozeman Montana in 1992. His training is far above any I have ever seen on any survival program at anytime.

Chris was a great man and enjoyed life and really found a home in Alaska. I had ordered his series on VHS and several years later it is now available on DVD. A must to own to keep your skills well honed, when memory fails instinct takes over and reacts quickly and accurately.

His USAF Pathfinder skills were incredible and I am glad he had been able to share them with others. The techniques work, he knew the price in lives if they did not.

His survival films are top notch and very realistic, meaning he keeps it all very real. His delivery of information and actual hands on in the unforgiving climate of Alaska. All his works are done in a serious manner as he was taught by Pathfinder instructors. His delivery of his methods are done in a way so that anyone can understand and really learn his techniques. The joke today is the last words you want to hear is, were from the government and were here to help. That does not work but believe me if it was the first words you want to hear, its Chris Janowsky and he is here to help.

An incredible creator of a great place to really learn how to survive. My own story, I always found it interesting when special forces were sent into survival situations and at the end of their three weeks of utter joy they emerged with clean clothes, clean shaven faces and actually looked like they put on a few extra pounds. That is what a professional does, he does not let his environment beat him he simply adapts, overcomes and improvises. Although not everyone can emerge in such great shape but at least most can come real damned close every time.

If you worry about your survival or being able to handle yourself physically in a fight for your life, follow the Pathfinder. I will not sugar coat a survivors needs. You must have the training to improve your survival instincts. It has been in mostly the male gender of hunter gatherer to have those inherent basic instincts. That does not mean survival methods taught are not able for women to learn, of course it is for everyone interested.

I mean the instinct is already built into mostly males by Gods design. Men who know that when they enter a fight they know they will be hurt and able to perform while hurt or injured and also those that become mortally wounded. That is a fact and has been proven in all the wars of this nation. The men being awarded the nations highest military honors such as the Congressional Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Silver Star,Bronze star with combat V all can have each or every award.

The percentages are extremely high with men and the actual write ups of their award events is nothing less than emotionally draining and staggering to say the least.There are very thick books with write ups of each recipients reason for award. America's Medal Of Honor Recipients, complete official citations, Highland Publishers, Golden Valley Minnesota.

Those are the facts and those men and bravery should not be challenged. If you are the type to challenge facts, do so. Do a little research to cut yourself down to size and see if you could perform as bravely. I am once again not saying women do not distinguish themselves bravely, that is silly of course they do. I am saying that men in history have cornered bravery. As an add to bravery not very well known, the Vietnam memorial wall in Washington D.C. consists of the majority of names of men that are Caucasians, 86.8% and of the Protestant religious faith.They were also part of the once considered middle class. These men died directly from hostile action. The Afro-American deaths were 7,241 and non-hostile were 1,530 men. Hispanics,3070 died of the time included with the Caucasian numbers. That is supported by the facts printed in Veterans Of Foreign Wars, (VFW) 1997 page 14 of that article.

Men that are men, not the phony tough or brave but those that are the real deal.

I do think the training is also great for women as it can be adapted for their needs to survive conflict. Maybe someday women's statistics will grow in military bravery. I would actually hope for all that wars do end and that is like wishing for rainbows in hailstorms. Every time I want a war to end the politicians find another one, then another one. The carnage and how the government is not taking care of its people is a "horror show". I suspect some kind of internal revolt of some sort. When you have 140,000,000 people unemployed they get tired of walking in circles in the cold and dark. Another hard fact that I hope I never see but the mess is very real. Learn to survive now don't wait until it is too late.
Follow the Pathfinder.

I know why Chris had created W.S.I and wanted to do this sort of work as he had told me himself in person as I looked up at that tall lanky bearded man, it was for the guys that did not come back. Those that went in harms way and were not properly trained for their environment to survive. Many were actually lost in the dark triple canopy of the jungle, (day turns to pitch black night without stars or moon) and he was sent to find what was left of them and it was all bad news around him. They were completely lost and in that environment being lost for any time was not a very good thing to be. Chris later decided to dedicate himself to training those not knowing how to survive and how to keep your head screwed on while doing it. He states how one item is key to any situation to keep your head and to relax, then you will need to find that out for yourself in the intensive methods caught on his movies. Every day that passes it is one less day for planning how to survive. That time is just around the corner, will you survive?

I think it is a no brainer to get with W.S.I. the organization is built for a real purpose, unless you are not willing to try to survive. When things get rough you will want to survive more than you ever wanted anything in life, don't you think? Attack the problem fearlessly with knowledge, look alive stay alive. May God be with you always to help guide you to safety.

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