Audiostate 55 LLC

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(205) 592-2222
4 55th Pl S
Birmingham, AL 35212





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2/7/2011 Audiostate 55 LLC - Had with the second rate "recording studios" in
Had with the second rate "recording studios" in this town.. There's one coming.. Bates Brothers us already here.. I've seen this Audiostate 55 name around town for years but have never seen a picture of a recording room or a controlroom. They don't have a website..but I read where they have a mobile app?? website or presence but a mobile app...right. This is exactly the type thing that most artists and musicians in Birmingham are sick of. There is a great room just off of 280, Media Audio Solutions and for music production that room and Bates Bros. are just about the only games available in thus town. Try that's the other studio that is actually for real..and I understand that those guys are about to do a quarter mil expansion.. Birmingham deserves the real deal and it looks like we're getting it.

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