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(205) 320-2858
2120 Green Springs Hwy S
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8/1/2011 Chop Shop - There are so many of these places who do it right
There are so many of these places who do it right but this is NOT one of them. It was my first time here and I will never go back. The owner was busy talking to a friend for most of my visit, the incorrect spoons were in the wrong areas and when I went to put some fish in a extra ziplock bag I was told that was extra. I was surprised because all of the places I gave been to (4) all gave us put everything in the same bag when completed, But I blew it off. It isn't all that nice to look at and I was surprised it was the worst looking place I had been to fit this and it was in Birmingham!
The prices were higher than other similar shops and nothing seemed fresh. All of the other places had tons of fresh herbs and vegetables. Nothing here looked fresh just frozen.
My biggest disappointment was when I cooked the first meal. It was fish tacos and after I started the fish noticed it told me to use vegatales on top and a specail sauce. Both were not provided. So i am stuck running to the store to get the other half if the dinner. Please tell me how this saves time or money? The only thing I got was seasoned fish and tortillas. Two items I could gave picked up when I had to go to the store to finish the meal! So save your time, money and sanity and go sine where else. Dream dinners are ALWAYS good and Time to Savor is also excellent.

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