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7/10/2012 Denny Vision - For a nu8mber of years both my wife and I have
For a nu8mber of years both my wife and I have used Denny's for our eye exams, glasses and contacts.
On the 29th of June 2012, I returned to Denny's for an exam for contacts. Although I didn't have an appointment, I was seen in a timely manner.
After my exam I was shown to the contact fitting area where I waited for too long a period for someone to assist me.
When the lady finally came in she apoligized for the wait, but the Dr had to change the prescription. She handed me a set of contacts and said I could wait until I got home to put them in. I asked if I might get another set since I was leaving early the next morning on an extended vacation. I was told they couldn't do that.
When I got home and tried on the contacts the right eye (for distance) seemed to be just great, but the left eye (for close-up)was of no value to me at all. I cannot read anything with it in.
To say the least I am completely dissatisfied with the service I got. I had a real need for the contacts since my last pair of glasses were scratched. I ended up using the contacts and purchaseing a pair of over the counter glasses to enable me to read up close.

Huey Jackson

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