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12/8/2012 Hall-Namie Packing Co - Question about Smoked Sausage from Hall-Namie 12.10.12
My name is Paula Namie and my father in law founded this packing company in the late 1940's and after about 10 years or so built the plant in Chickasaw. When he felt like he should retire, he sold the plant to Mr. Hall. His name was Bernard E. Namie, Sr he passed away in the early 70's. There has never been a better smoked sausage made as far as I am concerned and I hope it is still as wonderful as ever. My children, now all grown up and I still talk about "Pop's" sausage and would love to have some. If I can get to Mobile in the near future, how would I go about finding some? Which local markets carry it? Please let me hear from you. Thank you for your trouble, Paula Namie

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