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7/27/2011 Nail Solutions - Too expensive, not so great nails! Donna called me
Too expensive, not so great nails! Donna called me half hour before my appt to move it 2 hrs due to an "emergency". Emergency= I got there she had two people there one with her toes drying from a pedi, the other hd her nails drying! Then Donna proceeded to tell me all about the 2 women before me, how they were VERY prominent and how much money they had! She acts extremely uppidy while meanwhile this "salon"is in her home! She took 3 calls, hung up and gossiped about the callers! She asked what my hubby and I did for a living and was obviohusly sizing me up. She then proceeded to tell me how wonderful and fabulous she is. It was a truly uncomfortable experience and my nails weren't at all the way I asked her to do them! They were way too thick and shaped wrong. She is the most expensive in town, admittedly to attract the "upscale clients". Save your $$$! This lady is a JOKE!

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