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2/28/2011 Perfect Nails - WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS NAIL BUISNESS! I just
WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS NAIL BUISNESS! I just walked into this buisness to get SOLAR nails filled. Two people working. Woman moved her seat from one client to me and started filing the tops of my nails without washing hands. Not only had she been working on another client but her hands and nails were filthy and gritty. She said it would be 5 extra dollars to do my cuticles and I declinded due to the state of her hands. She then got up from me and went to paint the other clients toenails, again not washing hands. I told my husband I would not stay if she didn't wash her hands before coming back to me. The man finished his client and without washing his gritty and unclean hands came over to do mine. I asked what I owe for filing my three nails I wasn't going to continue. He wanted to know what was wrong. I told him they didn't wash hands between clients. He got mad told me I owed them 5 dollars..(filed tops on three nails). Not only do they not sterilize they don't even wash...

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