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All of the below:3/14/2016 xfinity - 282


All of the below:

3/14/2016 xfinity - 282 minutes to wait? Are you serious? can't 282 minutes to wait? Are you serious? can't possibly get to a human after too many auto prompts. Screw it. ThesuspectwasRead More 2/29/2016 12345 Xfinity Horrible company Horrible Customer service Horrible company. Customer service only cares about them. Worse experience ever. The only reason I tolerate them is because Direct tv is unable to put a satellite dish outside my house do to the trees. I will disconnect next month. Can't wait. heidyRead More 2/23/2016 12345 xfinity - I hate Comcast with a passion I hate Comcast with a passion, I pray another company will come along and wash them out, the only reason I m still with them is because there are no other cable offers in my area, Comcast has the worse customer service in the world, if another cable company comes along I will drop Comcast like hot cakes. kathyRead More 2/22/2016 12345 xfinity - When a company thinks they are so big that they no longer have to care about its customers When a company thinks they are so big that they no longer have to care about its customers, its time for them to be shut down mikeRead More 2/15/2016 12345 xfinity - Good thing you have a monopoly in my area Good thing you have a monopoly in my area or I would be a customer for about 2 seconds. I sometimes have to call 5-8 times to get a "contact" as the frequency of disconnect is appalling. Generally when I finally get through to a human that gives a damn I am so pissed off it is difficult to be civil. I have almost weekly problems with the "new" system that was installed 3 or 4 months ago so now instead of getting pissed off 4 or 5 times a year it has become 4 or 5 times a month. Thanks. I only pay you people a little over $200.00 a month for these pleasant experiences. I just finished going through your mill of incompetence, had a little snort of "jack d." to settle me down, prayed I have no more issues today or I will be in the bag before noon. Thank you for starting Presidents day off on a downer. I am about one jump ahead of sticking rabbit ears and tinfoil atop my TV. I wonder if Brian Roberts has any idea of what a rotten system he has under his control? Perhaps he is too busy on the golf course which seems to be the norm for todays business "leaders." Tell him I said hello. TedRead More 1/28/2016 xfinity - I have been trying the number for days. I get a I have been trying the number for days. I get a recording telling me to try another time. They are awful. arleneRead More 1/27/2016 12345 xfinity - The previous 1 star was because of the automated The previous 1 star was because of the automated system. Alicia was a five star. I averaged the rating. TinaRead More 1/27/2016 12345 xfinity - How did you manage to talk with a person? I went How did you manage to talk with a person? I went in circles with the answering system. When I declined the survey the second time I was asked, I was sent into limbo. No recorded voice response, no music, nothing. After 5-10 minutes I hung up. If I said no to the survey the first time, why was I asked again? The only way I could find a phone number was to log into Xfinity Customer Service. Called Tech Support and got same survey question -- twice. After the first decline I agreed the second time so I wouldn't get sent into thin air.Spoke with Alicia in Tech Support (finally), who was very helpful and professional. Hopefully, the problem is fixed. TinaRead More 1/19/2016 How can change my Xfinity parent control password? Can I please get customer service so I can change my parent control password Michael G BirdRead More 1/18/2016 12345 Xfinity Customer Service rude, argumentative, and just ridiculous! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!I thought I was being pranked when not one but two Customer Service Agents was so rude, argumentative, and just ridiculous. My cable went out on one of my televisions and after being on the phone 30 minutes, the problem could not be resolved. I received an appointment time for the following day, but got a phone call and more troubleshooting resolved the I thought. The following day, cable out again. I called back to Comcast, and asked for another appointment of which was said to be the next day between 3-5, and no one ever showed up. I called and got an automated message stating I had an upcoming appoint five days later between 3-5. I was passed upset.1st Agent- I explained the above to her, and was told "you must have confused the days" I would have NEVER accepted an appointment five days later, she then started talking over me stating "so what do you do you want me to do" I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told "I can help you", She put me on hold, came back to the phone stating she had to write down my complaint and what I said. I was then told to hold and she never came back to my call. I hung up after approx 15 mins 2nd Agent- I immediately asked for a supervisor after explain to him what just happened. This guy insisted on "helping" me. I asked three times, and finally told him if he was not going to get a supervisor just say that, I was then told there was "no supervisor available" Pissed off!Read More 1/5/2016 12345 xfinity company offers the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I This company offers the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have experienced. My TV has been out for approximately three weeks. Two repairmen have come out and nothing changed. I do not believe they were capable of addressing the problem. One called a supervisor for assistance; however, this did not help. My numerous calls have primarily resulted in a recording stating that there is an outage in the area--an outage for three weeks; PLEASE, GIVE ME BREAK. If by chance you get an opportunity to speak with an individual, they appear incompetent and/or unable to speak the KING ENGLISH. PLEASE BEWARE OF COMCAST AND THEIR SERVICES. LelaRead More 12/28/2015 12345 I haven't had good customer service from Comcast - Xfinity I haven't had good customer service from Comcast in years. When I've called in the recent past, their voice tree never has an option for what I need help with and it's extremely difficult to get a human. you can spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone and often get, I called their 1-800-934-6489 Xfinity customer service line multiple times and can only get Spanish. No, I didn't push nueve to continue in Spanish. Sometimes it didn't even give an option, it just went straight to Spanish.Of course, there is no way by phone or their website to tell somebody about this problem. I don't think I can take the aggravation anymore. Expensive as hell and absolutely the worst customer service I've experienced, anywhere, anytime. - See more at:



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