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i have annunitys with all state you people have


i have annunitys with all state you people have other countrys doing nd taking charge of my annunitys and mistakes are made recently I got 1099r that was wrong I asked for a corrected copy I was left a message from overseas they refused I asked for a usa contact for all state he could not figure out what they did snd put message in for someone to contact me. well I added up all interest given me that's all I was given permission for only interest to be sent to me not principal well not only one 1099r was wrong but both on irs form dollars put on it was wrong I only received 6824.29 on one anthe second 6669.63 your 1099r forms have 7784.95 on 1 and 7363.49 in box 2 in box 5 424.61 dollar amount per Citibank statements on one I received 6824.29 ND ON SECOND 6669.63. TOTAL FOR BOTH 13493.92 ONE TOTAL ON ONE YOUR 1099R 7784.95 WOULD BE THAT I GOT AND THAT WAS WRONG THEN YOU PUT TAXABLE AMOUNT OF 7363.49 I NEVER GOT THIS AMOUNT CHECK USA HERE THE AMOUNTS DO NOT ADD UP WERE IS THE DIFFERENCE DUE ME OF 1654.82 CHECK ALL THAT CAME INTO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT AT ONCE SOMEONE IS STEALING FROM MY ACCOUNT OR THEY DO NOT NO WHAT THEY ARE DOING I WANT ANSWES I HAVE PROOF OF ALL ALL STATE SENT ME I NEVER TAUGHT TO CHECK PRIOR 1099R. HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN CHEATED WERE IS THIS 1654.82?????????????????????REPLY I AM CONTACTING IRS



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