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Flight yesterday: I responded to a medical


Flight yesterday: I responded to a medical emergency onboard at the pleading of the steward. I am a nurse. I rendered assistance to a passenger that appeared to have something contagious. The steward and pilot we great. We did a medical landing and medics met us ath the ramp. I have been exposed to something from some one traveling from South Africa that was very ill. American Airlines did nothing to say thanks. I did not assist for gain. I am dedicated to helping others. But not even a pair of gloves to put on. I am now worried and my colleges feel I should report to the Center for Disease control. I tried to call American Airlines Customer services. NO such live person or recording. I went online and after 2 hours filling out forms it would cut me off stating error. This was the third leg of 4 flights. I had issues with each flight. American Airlines needs to improve.

Good Samaritan 1/7/2017


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