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On 12/26/16, I was on AA flight #2389 out of


On 12/26/16, I was on AA flight #2389 out of Dallas/Ft. Worth originating in Philadelphia wth destination of John Wayne airport. PNR: DUNQJW. The date of purchase was 11/27/16. I had to purchase a middle seat. The roundtrip price for myself and my husband was $1,574.47.
Unfortunately the passenger on the window side was approximately 350 lbs with a very large waist/hips. She required a seat belt extender. She was literally spilling over into half of my seat. Even sitting as close as I politely could to the passenger on the aisle, her body was pressing into me and my left arm was actually resting on her. It was fortunate for the 2 on either side that I only weigh 100lbs.
Needless to say, it was one of the more uncomfortable and claustrophobic plane rides I've ever had, I feel that since I only had half a seat, I should only have to pay half the price for that leg of the trip.
Also, might I suggest a BMI or waist circumference limit to better match the passenger to the seat width. Perhaps if the passenger exceeds that limit, they can have the option to purchase the adjacent seat. Or have some seats that are wider than the average seat for the obese patron.
Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda Marmolejo



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12/30/2016 This type of " seat takeover "by the " fat asses" of this world should not be tolerated by passengers. They should insist on a REFUND, AND REFUSE TO sit on half a seat. ISN'T it AMAZING...THE AIRLINES, weigh your luggage and charge big fees for OVERWEIGHT, but fail to take action on the passenger COMFORT, and APPROPRIATE MEASURES TO RESTRICT the obese from taking over the SEAT YOU PAID FOR...... IT IS TIME TO REFUSE THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT AND REQUIRE AIRLINES TO RESTRICT, WEIGH, MEASURE OVERSIZED PASSENGERS FOR THEIR SEAT REQUIREMENTS OR SHIP THEM AS " EXCESS BAGGAGE"....

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