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This was my first time flying with American


This was my first time flying with American Airlines We had a great flight on American Airlines. Leaving Greensboro on January 8 at 6;50 am with 8inches of snow on the ground going to Miami to take a cruise , we didn't know if our flight would be cancel. We took off with know problem, we had a woman pilot, she was great no problem. Good flight. We left Miami Saturday night January 14 at 9;50pmon flight 3833. Our flight attendance Nick was the best. When we got on the plane he greeted everyone with a big smile. A smile goes a long way when you have been in a airport for 8 hrs. Nick was very professional, he made sure his passengers was taken care of, he ask all of us if we need anything and let us know exactly were he was at all time. We was a group 10 , everyone was talking about how kind and attentive Nick was to each passenger. I commend Nick for a job well done. Pilot was great also, we had no problem. Will be flying on American again. Thanks for your great service



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