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While booking a flight for my son and I, the page


While booking a flight for my son and I, the page would not let me accept the insurance policy. This continues for a considerable amount of time regardless of accepting or rejecting the insurance. When I call technical support I am told that this issue has been occurring and get apologies when the tech can not fix the issue. I am connected to an agent who can see what I was attempting to do online and completes the purchase at the Internet rate. I am told I will have a confirmation within 24 hours.

The next evening when I have no confirmation I call again and am told by agent Rose Taylor that the reservation was cancelled. She is very helpful and apologetic when she again sees all the information I entered; she again gives me the same flight and rate.

While I am pleased with agent Taylor, I am very frustrated that I spent at least 90 minutes between the 2 evenings trying to get and the repurchase these tickets. I also am hoping for an explanation as to why my reservation was cancelled.

Linda the supervisor explains that it was cancelled from the Internet 2 minutes after it was purchased. This is clearly infuriating because the internet probably timed out without me ever making the purchase on line. This is why I said I was calling in the first place.

Linda had no real answers other than to insist that they followed policy. Maybe, but their policy cost me a tremendous amount of time to book a flight twice. I also have to worry about being double billed.

I am not sure what I wanted from the manager but maybe some recognition that this is a large inconvenience and really difficult for a person to understand how this would happen. Instead, while she had no answers for me she was clearly put out that I was calling, even though my call did emphatically state how helpful the second agent was.

It was just a clear message of buy the ticket and be happy with it. We are not interested in any of the troubles our system caused you.



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