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I was on the 7:40AM train from Seattle to


I was on the 7:40AM train from Seattle to Vancouver, BC yesterday (o4/28/17) and saw a very bad event happen. As we were approaching the Canadian boarder (after Bellingham -the last schedualed stop) we were asked to show our passports etc. A young lady did not have one or any other legal document that woujld have been accepted by Canada and was taken off the train, right in the middle of no where - there was a diner a good distance down the street. She was in a group who had special boarding and did not go thru the correct check in by a Amtrak employee. Her "documents" were never checked and she should have never been allowed to board the train out of Seattle.

The members of this group should have been checked by Amtrak like the rest of us were.

If this were me I would make Amtrak pay for any cost that I would have been charge - even a taxi back to Seattle. To make it worse this young lady was a care giver to a very old lady.



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