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AT&T has the worst customer service ever!


AT&T has the worst customer service ever! After being with them 10 years my service was either hacked or disrupted when another customer upgraded their device, and my sim card was deactivated by mistake. AT&T just did a fraud ticket but never bothered to find out what really happened. After being without service for a week, and being repeatedly told that I would have to go to an AT&T store in person to get another sim card (I live in a small town, store is 2 hours away), and spending 5 to 6 hours on the phone trying to get my service back on, I gave up. I would not recommend AT&T to anyone!
I also sent a letter of complaint, getting no response. The customer service rep who gave me the address probably gave me the wrong address. I was probably lied to by 5 reps over the course of that week. Then when I tried to cancel, they kept transferring me around so they could talk me into staying. That last time they put me on hold, I hung up. Then when I was at the store for the new company where I switched my service and was trying to get my account number from AT&T so I could import my number, the rep wanted to know why I wanted the account number, I told her, none of your business! How ludicrous!
Don't go with AT&T, the service is the worst ever!



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