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To day nooooooo stars for u phill and Melissa and


To day nooooooo stars for u phill and Melissa and the other rude ass lady I have been with atnt for about 5 years and each and every single time they treated me like no company has ever I was amazed how wonderful and professional they were to day I called internet not workin so I call phill said turn off phone turn on I ll call u in five min...... An hour later I call I get a very intrusive women so I say my bill is due tomarrow my net is toooooooo slow I figure sence for two year s I paid 60 bucks just for talk and text... That they would just let me get hight speed one more day then she acked what do u use your bet forrrrrr I said welllllll many different things including adult videos I felt sence it in frount of her that's what's she getting at then after ten more min saying the same thing three different times in three differentd way tells me no then I call about the two call previous and the women says to me well u didn't have to say what you were watching u should have just streaming vidoes FIRTS of allllllllllll who the think u are then she prose edges to say the same shpilllll of bull s *** I stop her mid sentence saying I know r u goting to fix my net for one more day she said no !!!!!!!



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