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OMG!! what a freaking nightmare !! these people


OMG!! what a freaking nightmare !! these people deserve no stars. the most disarrayed company or service ive ever tried to deal with. weve had uverse about two years,and the only reason we haven't switched is because we don't have any other comparable service on or street. they go up on price EVERY month. no matter the price theve promised the previous month. All of their phone reps are programmed. and you cant understand their broken English. we had an issue months back with a bad modum. I admit,we were late sending the old unit,we wound up paying 150.00. UPS advised that the modum was received by uverse, and I have the cleared check where they got my payment. now,uverse is saying they never received the modum or my money and on this last bill I just received, they are wanting ANOTHER 150.00. and after explaining this situation to at least ten different people at uverse. I CANT MAKE ANYONE OF THEM UNDERSTAND !!! its like a bad nightmare !



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