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We have the nightmare others are sharing! We moved


We have the nightmare others are sharing! We moved into a new home 5/15/15 transferring our service. We never received our "take it with you bonus";ok cool no biggie.
We were told to call at one year to get new current bundle price,we are on a fixed income and need to keep it $170.After taxes. I called and was told I could get direct tv for around my price(internt-wellused,phone-unlimited,tv-no extra channel we use Netflix). I did not want satellite,we've a large open field,we need constant good reception. We finally negotiated to get our services at what we had been paying,told there would be two year contract.June's bill-240,July 279,August 279.I called each month trying to find out what was going on requesting they listen to their recordings of call to find what I'd been promised for two more years. This fell on non listening ears,I was ignored and told the best would be 240. I called again to see what kind of contract I had(2yr was in negotiations );I was told none.I this time told them fine Infinity is available. They said sorry you feel that way.
I had uverse since 2011; next week I will not. My bill is reading $550(roughly) for two months of service. Sorry AT&T, you'll be hard pressed to recover this from social security(can't garnish). You cannot hold me to an agreement that your company breached.
Avoid using them at all cost or it will cost you all. I never would have kept this when I moved if I had known they we r e switching all to satellite.
CAN I GIVE THEM negative five stars for bad customer service and false negotiations. I hope to see a class action lawsuit against them since so many are complaining of same broken agreements.

Banty 9/18/2016


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