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I've been using Boost over 5 years and never had


I've been using Boost over 5 years and never had an issue that was fixed with a simple call to customer service.....Till I tried adding cash to my account last night and spent over a hour jumping through hoops to finally get a rep who proceeded to ask me to repeat all the information I had just given to the automated system!
Only reason I was even paying by phone is the web site has gone to total shit and is useless unless it works for buying a new phone!
Every other page on the site during the payment process would be trying to sell me a damn phone!!!
To the point it was impossible to make an online payment! I first ran across this last month and figured maybe just a glitch in the system which would be fixed. This month was even worse.
Try dialing 611 and get a screen on the phone asking if I want to call or use a web page....if I wanted a damn web page I'd use the browser not dial a phone number!
My guess is they're trying to force auto payment on everybody but if their web site can't handle a simple add funds request I sure as hell refuse to trust the morons running the site with auto payment!
Bottom line after over 5 years I plan on finding a provider that cares about customer service if I wanted shitty customer service I'd just sign a contract with the other scumbag rip offs!



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