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I called Monday, December 19 to cancel my service


I called Monday, December 19 to cancel my service since I was moving. The rep, Daniel, said it would be cheaper to place the account on hold and to restart when my new house was done. $9 service fee to resume service if I just transferred as opposed to $34.99 if I canceled and started "new" service. He said he would place my account on hold and I was to keep the equipment and he set up a tentative date to resume service of January 2nd. He said the remaining balance would be $49 and asked where I wanted that sent to. I told him my new address and told him to remove the auto pay credit card and no longer use the credit card for payments. This a.m., I received an email saying my credit card had been charged $299!! I called charter/spectrum-they said the charge is because we did not turn in equipment and that we were being charged for the new service(of a house that has no service!) and that they could/wound not credit my credit card even though they could see that I did not have service at the new location yet. They said I would have to dispute the charges with them but that since we did not turn in equipment nor cancel service, that likely we would not get any of the $299 refunded. This is a total and complete scam. They were not authorized to charge my credit card and I was told to keep the equipment since my service was being "transferred" at a later date as opposed to canceled. I am not receiving any service, yet they are charging me triple?? Disgusting, dishonest company.



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