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I had an issue with internet and called for


I had an issue with internet and called for service. They could not come to look at it for 8 days. They found the underground cable was bad and ran one over ground to restore service. They told me they would come to bury it in about a week. I specifically told them to call before they call so that I can watch where they trinch. That was the good part of this service call.
They did not call me to bury the line. I came home and found my underground fence cut in two places and my driveway had a trench of about 30 yards and several holes dug in the yard nowhere near the trench. Called to register a complaint and was told I would get a call the next day. Three days later, I called and found out that they did not file my complaint. It rained and a delivery truck hit the trench and created a huge hole in my driveway. I called again and found out that not complaint had been filed. I made a second attempt at filing the complaint. The next day a supervisor came out and blamed a third party contractor and told me I had to settle with them. Some way to do business. I called back to tell them I did not want to deal with this third party, I do business with Charter, Charter needs to correct this.

I spent most of Thanksgiving Day and the following 2 weekends fixing the damage to my yard and driveway. 20 worked hours, sand and limestone later, I had still not heard a word from charter on the complaint. 5 weeks after the fact, I get a phone call and they tell me they have been calling me but I did not answer.

It took all of this to learn that it is all my fault. Had I not called to complain about the faulty service, none of this would have taken place.The screwed up yard and driveway was my fault, it had absolutely nothing to do with Charter. Silly Me!

I gave them 1 star because they would not let me score them lower.



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