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I recently cancelled my attu-verse acct. changed


I recently cancelled my attu-verse acct. changed to charter. That was in Feb i think, when I originally order service to be hooked on the 22 I was not informed this is my due date. I did explain to the sales person who took my order that I'm on a fixed income. I get my monies on the 3rd of the month and that's when I pay ALL my bills!! Now I 've called a billing specialist to change due date but they said they cannot!!! The only resolve is that I pay on 1st of each month and hope it does not clear my bank until after 3rd. They also suggested I pay a month in ADVANCE Not going to happen since I'm on a fixed income. They're next solution is disconnect service a reinstall a few days latter!!! Of course I 'd have pay an installation fee how stupid does that sound just to change due date. Why couldn't they prorate the amount in order to change due date to 3rd??? That I would be willing to due!!! I would hate to cancel all services for that reason only but,I will if we can't resolve this issue. I WILL NOT BE ASSESSED LATE FEES BECAUSE I PAY MY BILLS ON 3 of every month!!!!!!!



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