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My husband just called to see if what kind of


My husband just called to see if what kind of deals Charter was offering and the guy actually berated him for being knowledgeable on prices. He said, well if you know all the prices why are you calling? Excuse me? My husband told him exactly what we wanted and the man was rude and mad because we wouldn't go with the larger package. When he asked what he could do to get us to buy my husband said, well you could waive the installation fee. The guy said, well it doesn't cost you anything until you get your bill. Seriously?? So when my husband tried to hang up he just kept talking and finally said, uh huh and hung up on my husband. RUDE!! Terrible customer service. We have been without cable for over a year because they jacked us around. The only reason we were going to buy now was to watch the Big Ten Network. We'll stick with HULU and streaming!



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