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Other than satellite we have no other option in


Other than satellite we have no other option in our city as they gave Charter an "exclusive" franchise which is to the detriment of the Charter customers. I worked in telecommunications for just short of 30 years and what I see is unacceptable service. As some have noted, they hook you with a reasonable introductory offer and then the price for us has nearly doubled at the same time they have taken away "free or included" channels. We made a service complaint and they sent a technician to the house and he replace a few connectors on the cable and a splitter which he said had a bad leg but at the time we had not experienced trouble on that leg however it seems as if the frequency of problems has increased since he was here but it may not be fair to blame the technician as the troubles appear to us to be Charter Spectrum system issues. Our set-top box will magically turn off and then back on and if one checks the guide one finds that all of the boxes for program information have been defaulted temporarily to "TO BE ANNOUNCED". I personally believe that they only send the technician to the house to "just find something to ease the customers mind" while they profit from providing poor service. We also have their phone service and until very recently it was reasonably dependable meaning there was usually dial tone and we could call out, but deducing from my telecommunications career experiences and having lived in communities which were sold to another company I am aware that companies sometimes try to "stretch" there services to make them appear to be more than they actually are by "borrowing" facilities needed for good service to one group of customers and putting them to use providing now or additional service for another group of customers. The downside is that when a bad facility (trunk) is in the group available to a customer because availability of trunk/channel services is reduced it is accessed more often. We have experienced having calls not completing and when they fail we almost always hear a faint echoing sound of water or gravel running down a pipe which tells me they are likely not adequately maintaining their facilities properly. What makes it appear to us to be a system problem rather than a residence problem is the fact that these types of problems seem to occur much more frequently when school lets out or when bad weather keeps kids in which leads to more demand on their facilities and problems become more frequent. The problem is that until we get regulations restored and/or new regulations in place and most importantly that they be enforced I really don't see a real improvement in either cable or satellite. This to me is not service but until an emergency situation occurs somewhere and we have "senseless" loss of life I don't see the FCC or Congress getting off their tails and doing something. Why do we have to have a tragedy before we can get real action and service?



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