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Our entire neighborhood experienced a power outage


Our entire neighborhood experienced a power outage today due to a "planned outage" on December 16th. The time element was to be from 9am until 3pm.

Our neighbors did not recall receiving a letter about the planned outage, although ComEd said one was mailed out on December 6th letting the neighborhood know of the planned outage.

The temperature continued to drop during the day, with repeated calls to ComEd asking for an update on when the "planned repairs" would be complete. Each neighbor we talked to said they were provided with a different scenario including time for completion. In fact, one of elderly neighbors was told the "planned outage" was actually cancelled and obviously, it was not!

As I write this review, the power just came on and it's after 4:30 pm.

If an outage is planned for a certain period of time on a given date, I would think that should be the time that the actual outage occurs...not later than the beginning time given and not later than the ending time given.

For the high cost of electricity in our homes, I would like to think we can count on Com Ed for quick and efficient service. I do understand that there are emergencies and other exceptions, but this one was "planned" and I think that makes a big difference!

Thank you

Cam and Wayne Barnett



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