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A very large portion of Craigslist are spammers,


A very large portion of Craigslist are spammers, phishers, predatory fraudulent ads and discussion forums that cater to the people of color who cry about the quantity and quality of the freebees they get from Government and the fact that they live in a white world where black lives never mattered and should never matter. Same with women's lib douchebags and all the gays, lesbians and brownies who disregard the immigration laws (and are ignorant of all law in general) to come to this country and suck the tit. All of this trash feel entitled to everything they'll never deserve to have because of the way they are. Read the Bible, God has destroyed these kind of people since the beginning of time because they are without God. Craigslist is a meeting place for the filthy, mostly, which are mentioned above. Typical California entity. We are just as bad for allowing them to stay here and continue to ruin our nation by simply living their lives. We meaning People of God.

White American1/22/2017


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