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It is really amazing how you allow people to re:


It is really amazing how you allow people to re: comments and allow postings other then the catagory, but just because I choose to use my const. right to privacy and use a vpn to keep others from stealing my Identy YOU BLOCK MY ACCESS TO THE Orlando site to sell my guitars I have been using for the last eight years. Is it because I'm a Vietnam vet, or how about because I disabled.Maby I shoulg get on the social media and let everyone know that you discriminate against me and others from our right to privacy ,while you allow people tho e-mail me through your company and cuss at me and tell me to get fucked and other things like that go on on this site for the last eight years. Deny me access to my account and my rights as other people to use this site according to your rules and maybe lets see what the civil liberty union has to say, or maybe just hire a lawyer on contingence and file in a fed court for discrimination. Please excuse any spelling errors



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