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called my daughters heart medication into the CVS


called my daughters heart medication into the CVS location in Clinton Mo on Monday 11-16-15 It’s supposed to be on the automatic refill list but for some reason this has been an issue for a few months now and when I ask about it I was told that they don’t do that one on automatic refill but they have a bunch of times. Monday they said it would be in Tuesday 11-17-15 because it takes a day after its ordered. I still didn’t receive a call about it being ready on Tuesday so midday wednesay 11-8-15 I called to see when it would be ready and now they say not till Thursday11-19-15 . Did they just forget to order it?!? So now my 7 year old daughter is without heart medicine that should be taken every 12 hours it will be about 34 hours before I can get her meds. When I ask what I should Do I was told by CVS to call around and see if someone else has it. Really?!?!? I’m now in tears called 11 pharmacies in about a 60 mile radius of us and none have it. Very disappointed in CVS and will be looking for a new pharmacy that will do compounds
I called back later to calmly tell them I wasn't happy with what happend and the woman that answers says is there any Epaned on the shelf?? I hear someone say no then she says none to be found it will be in tomorrow and laughed. At that moment it was a really good thing I wasn't in your store. I could have choked her.
So today 11-19-15 Called at 10am and said I want to confirm Eva's Med is ordered and will be in today. She's says let me look then says weeeeellll I'm not sure I don't see ..... At that point I do t know what she said I said what?!?!? This is her heart Med I've been calling u about since Monday morning. She should have it every 12 hours and it's now over 24 going on 30 Y r u not ordering it?!?!?! She says ohhhhh ummmmm I will call u back. I waited 20 and called them back. I got the pharmacist and told him what's going on . He apologized. He's been the ONLY person to apologize for this mess. He's not there the first part of the week the woman pharmacist is. He promised there by 3.
Not one person there seemed to care that CVS put my child's well being at risk. I'm very disappointed with them and will find a new pharmacy.



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