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I have lived in my neighborhood of Richmond Hts,


I have lived in my neighborhood of Richmond Hts, OH 44143 for over 12 yrs and frequently visit the CVS Store located at 4691 Monticello Blvd (store #3032). Usually the sales clerks are very friendly, including the man we encountered tonight at approximately 6:45 pm. I was accompanied by my grandson and his girlfriend as I shopped, all of a sudden I heard the sales clerk yelling at someone that he suspected they were stealing! As I approached the situation I realized he was referring to my grandson, who has come to the store many times before, with and without me with no incident, so I asked why did he think he was stealing and his reply was that he saw my grandson reach under his shirt. My grandson became visibly angry because not only was the clerk incorrect, but other patrons were witnessing and it was embarrassing, but my grandson lifted his shirt to prove he hadn't taken anything and asked for an apology, but instead of apologizing, the angry clerk insisted they leave the store and when he refused for doing nothing wrong the clerk threatened to call the police. I told the clerk they were with me and there was no need to call the police but the clerk kept yelling and ran into an office and shut the door leaving all the customers standing in dismay! My grandson (a black male) started beating on the office door to talk to someone about the way he was treated by the (white male) clerk, but due to his now anger for being falsely accused and embarrassed, and the fact that there have been so many shootings of black males by the police.... I felt it best that we all left before the police even arrived. I don't know the clerks name, but he wears eyeglasses, has blonde hair and is kind of heavy weight and looks to be in his fortys. This clerk could benefit from a lesson in diversity of customer service, and my grandson deserves an apology, not to mention the total disrespect I was given after I told the clerk I was his grandmother. 1/7/2017



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