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I tried to order something online and after


I tried to order something online and after putting all of my information in, I clicked continue and it said it couldn't accept my card to check the numbers and try again. I did this several times and even used a different card to no avail. Obviously something was wrong with the website. I decided to check my bank account and what do you know? I have over $300 pending on my account. So even though I didn't buy anything, CVS has taken $300 out of my account. I have called several times and the customer service is ATROCIOUS!!! They act like I did something wrong and don't give a crap that I am now negative over $300 in my bank account. Not that they would even give a crap but I will NEVER use CVS for anything ever again. This whole experience has been absolutely ridiculous and it's a shame a company like that can't have better people and service and actually care about the customer.



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