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REFERENCE NO: 5495225 CVS STORE: 4422 Kalani


REFERENCE NO: 5495225 CVS STORE: 4422 Kalani Drive in Diamondhead, MS
This email is for Geof, CVS Customer Relations
Thank you for responding to my complaint. I purchased six boxes of the Loreal Hair Color, 6.4 Ginger on-line after visiting the above referenced store. After, receiving my product, enclosed were three coupons to receive 30% off on my next orders, as well. Therefore, I will not need to contact my local store for the two boxes of color product because these coupons are a better deal than I can get at the store.

However, I will stop in when your buy one, receive the other half off sale on Loreal is advertised in my local flyer, to see if that store is effectively ordering this product. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Lisa Vergano



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