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Thursday 10/28 / 2015 Cvs Acton (new one) I went


Thursday 10/28 / 2015 Cvs Acton (new one) I went to purchase some cold medicine for a child and couple other things. I saw guy name Stephen at register and tried to not get in this line as he was rude to me once previously. I stood in other line and it seemed all of a sudden others did too, so he called for next, I let lady behind me go in front but it turns out she too prefered to go elsewhere and refused saying"I rather wait here than go to him", so I proceeded. Needless to say that he didn't greet me, didnt say thank you or anything polite but had me ask him for a bag as he didnt give me one. Gave me rude look when I asked for one saying "sure you dont want to carry this, how many do you need?"...I was and am speechless, will never ever go to that cvs again even though its next to our home but still had to drive..Its a shame as he was initially rude once previously and I gave it benefit of a doubt. I was shamed in front of 20 people...he then left things in bag not handing them over when I had to reach over to get it while he was mute , watched rudely as to say "go away". I nor anyone else doesn't deserve this.



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