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Dealing with AT&T is possibly the most frustrating


Dealing with AT&T is possibly the most frustrating experience of my life and I'm not a young person. I have been calling for months to try to get a copy of the calls made on an old business line that we maintain. NO ONE USES THIS LINE. Yet AT&T has charged me for over 2000 minutes of calls that we did not make. Okay so SHOW ME WHO I CALLED!!!! That's all I am asking. I have gotten several calls from a Delvina Westmoreland from the Office of the President. I told her I was on vacation and would call back when I had the bills in front of me. Now I can't get her on the phone. She just left me a message that says the reason that my bill is so high is that I make all these phone calls. Thank you Sherlock! I already know what YOU say I did, I am not a complete moron. Call me back and give me proof of usage

Ellen Lee6/16/2016


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