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Dear Allstate : where I live in Texas not all my


Dear Allstate : where I live in Texas not all my friends and neighbors believe homosexuals are a minority just because Oboma thinks they are ! I have been a loyal customer of Allstate Ins. for over 25 years and would not really like to quit , but the first time I see a homosexual ad. on T.V. for Allstate ins . I will promise it will be the last day I will have insurance with your company . So far I have quit Burger King , Campbell Soup , Home Depot and would not have any thing to do with Disney products to name a few ! Your sexual beliefs and other company's beliefs should not be used to subvert your company ! If you think so please feel free to advertise using homosexual's pushing there sexual beliefs to sell your products . See if there are enough queer's to keep Allstate one of the largest insurance . As for me I don't need you as much as you do me . Please do not try me because I won't come back 1



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