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Dear Twitter, Why did Twitter suspend my


Dear Twitter,

Why did Twitter suspend my account: = @PatrickCulinane - when I did NOTHING wrong?

I am a Common Law Lawyer and I had 70k followers. Twitter claim that I was aggressively following people and I was 'BLOCKED' by followers. How many People 'BLOCKED' me please? - And how many followers does it take, BLOCKING an account, until that account is suspended by Twitter? - Is it the same number for everyone?

I have been unfairly treated by Twitter, as my work is educational and I have always been very careful to use material that has already been published elsewhere.

How can I say sorry for something that I am NOT guilty of?

Please investigate this properly, as I have been WRONGED, and get back to me.

Naturally, I am very disappointed with Twitter.

yours truthfully,

Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer: = Magna Carta 1215

Patrick Cullinane8/15/2014


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