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My Genie receiver went out less than a year old.


My Genie receiver went out less than a year old. Called Directv on Jan3 they said they would send service person out, but would charge service call. I said no way . They agreed to send a new genie to me within 3-5 business days. On the phone for 30 minutes. Called back on Jan 10, no Genie. They could not even find that it had shipped. They said they would reorder. I asked for overnight, wow did that turn into a mess. On the phone for 85 minutes. Transferred several times to no satisfaction. On Jan 12 called to check on order. Had no order on file. Had to reorder.With this Genie I have three tvs not able to work because I have 2 mini genies. Reorder with shipment within 3-5 days. Will see. I agree with others that since the ATT merger the company is a peice of crap. Not delivering good customer service. I also have problems getting US based rep to talk to. NOT GOOD, VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Had similar problems with ATT on my cell pnone canceling orders and not getting my order shipped to me. I started with Primstar years ago and then Directv took over primestar. So I have been a long time customer. My only option is to change to Dish and I do not like Dish. My internet speed is not fast enough for streaming TV. So I am stuck with a crapping company. I had a good company to deal with before the merger. When I ask for a supervisor, they do not have enough authority to get much more done than the first contact person. BAD BAD BAD BAD.



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