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Someone opened an account in my dead father's


Someone opened an account in my dead father's name. We contacted the fraud division of Direct TV. Two people, on two different dates and calls, in the fraud division said that they would send us paperwork to complete so that we could find out who opened this account. The third call to the Fraud Department was made from our Police Department. This person said that we would have to complete paperwork that was being sent to us so that we could give to Police Department to get a subpoena for the information. Now, today, I have called the fraud department again to see where this paperwork has gone. Today, I got a man on the line that explained to me in an extremely rude and hateful tone, that there was no paperwork and that he didn't have time to cater to every little police department or every little fraudulent claim. He was so pompous and rude! So for two hours I called the Corporate Office of Direct TV and have now talked with three different people because I keep getting hung up on. They are very nice but absolutely no help. I have now been given another number to call. I do not have Direct TV Service and am extremely happy that I DO NOT! I will not and will be happy to explain to anyone that asks about TV Service and dealing with Direct TV is a feat in futility and that they will be on the telephone for a very long time!



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