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Was offered Showtime free trial for 1 month. Then


Was offered Showtime free trial for 1 month. Then charged me. I called once I realized they charged me 14 days into the trial to resolve the issue & was offered a partial credit. Not acceptable to me so they did credit the remainder. Then charged me $10.00 for cancelling a premium channel. Yesterday, tried to speak to a supervisor got put on hold for an hour without speaking to one. This morning was put on hold for another 30 minute without speaking to one. Called corporate, they fixed the $10.00. Offered me credits on my bill because they continue to raise after being a customer for 7 years. "We have certain credits for you but you can't have them until February." Whatever....AT&T sucks. Ever since they took over everything has gone to absolute poor service. This incident is not even including the 4 days of the Christmas holiday that I had no service at all.



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