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I will not rate any company that will not let me


I will not rate any company that will not let me on my television after a long drive and a long day just to see nothing but your crap of what is going on and how to get any of my package I pay for monthly weather I am at home or not seeing I not there very often because of my work. I have had Direct TV. before and I hate it they suck and are hard to figure out, they stink. When I go back home I had better be able to get my package back, u never know who will get u for breach of contract, you should be responsible to finish out what u make people agree to when u speak to them. I moved from Maine back to Baton Rouge with one year on original contract and u people made me have to take another two year contract, now u pull this, wrong so wrong we should not have to get something we don't. NO DISH and I want to see my program back when I go home.



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