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Well I went to watch "Jane Got a Gun" tonight


Well I went to watch "Jane Got a Gun" tonight and after doing all the normal button pushing to get the show going all I received was a black screen. Tried this 3 times and then did all the "normal" unplug this and stand on one foot while placing your left index finger on your nose....still black screen. So I called the "normal" Dish number to see if these folks could get the show to come on and again I get people in the Philippines to talk to and the first two I spoke with sounded like the same person. I guess American companies cannot compete with foreign labor costs, but at what costs are they looking at? I finally asked for a Manager and talked to an Andy and they couldn't stop the charge of the movie but credited my account the equal amount, how far are these folks behind the rest of the world? Then for all my trouble, did I mention they may me do all the same stuff again that I did before I called them, unplug this etc., they gave me a credit voucher for the cost of the movie but I have to use it on line or again call them to use it rather than just giving me another credit on my account. Also when I asked them if this conversation was being recorder Andy told me no then yes and acted more confused than I was. Also none of the 3 Dish helpers could tell me what was wrong and that Dish is not responsible for the rented portion of their programming, really? So Dish rents movies but is not responsible for any issues. What a way to do business. Also none of these people could tell be the root cause of this and didn't seem to care except that they were going to get some priority on it, which was 24-72 hours, that's 1 to 3 days. Also they couldn't tell me if or when this was going to be available, nice. So if this is the best it gets I think I've been here too long. I pay more for my TV viewing than I do for my heating and electricity combined per month. I gave you folks zero stars in case you thought I may have missed that.

Rick 5/1/2016


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