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I play Madden 17 online (ps4). When I am about to


I play Madden 17 online (ps4). When I am about to beat my opponent in the 4th quarter, it says connection to your peer gas been lost. I doesn't give me the win, its as if the game never happened. Please fix this ASAP. If my opponent quits because they are about to lose I should get a win on my record. This feature makes playing online not enjoyable. And they fact that I have to pay to play online a absolute rip off



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12/29/2016 I totally feel you dude. A couple times I was beating a kid when my connection got lost, and not only did it not count the win, it counted it as a fucking loss! Like wtf! How the fuck am I supposed to make any fucking progress in this game if it gives me automatic losses? I am not one to curse often at all but this is how bad this issue is that it makes me this pissed off.

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