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I need help! I bought Sims 4 and it is CHOPPY,


I need help! I bought Sims 4 and it is CHOPPY, everything, nothing works like it is supposed to. I can't tell what button does what because there are lines all over the place. Plus I bought 3 other game packs, Get to Work, Spooky stuff, and Get Together. In all, I paid over $100 for games that don't work. My PC is only 4 years old and works just fine with other stuff. The icons and backgrounds for the town is choppy, multi-colors. I want a refund. I've been trying to reach customer service. There is no one available to talk to on the phone. My sister has a computer that is 10 years old and hers is fine. Mine isn't. Please help or return my money please. I'm really disappointed especially since I've been a fan since Sims 1. Thanks.



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