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TOTALLY Frustrating experience dealing with this


TOTALLY Frustrating experience dealing with this "outfit"! Have tried for months to obtain a list of medications my husband received through Easy Scripts mail order. Every time I call I get the run around and different instructions to obtain the meds for the past 12 months. Previous calls have informed me it will take 7-10 days after speaking with the customer service rep. Today in my attempt, I was told it could take 4 - 6 weeks...I asked what if any forms needed to be completed to which I was forwarded to, yet, another customer (unservice) rep. Before my husband passed away, he could not get required imuno suppressent drugs filled as the company said he had an order pending and they could not fill until order was processed. A simple matter of replacing an expired credit card for a current one he had been issued. Finally gave up and went to local pharmacy. HOW could so many businesses could enter into Express Scripts with the poor record of service?



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