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I have ez pass and was issued a ticket for not


I have ez pass and was issued a ticket for not paying a toll in Irvington going north on the parkway and when I was coming back south was issued a summons on the same day at the Irvington toll booths.i tried to call ez pass and get no response from someone who should be answering calls!! I get to talk to a machine.i cant get into my account because I don't remember the password! I sent them a check for the 2 dollars and 50 cents that I owe them for the tolls but they wanted 52.50 and 50.00 was for administration fees!where is the administration because no one is answering my calls!!I think im going to cancel ez pass and just pay when and if I use the roads they built with our tax money and make us pay to use them!

james mc bride7/31/2013


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