Comment for EZ Pass NJ Turnpike

Traveling north on 895 and my e- zpass states


Traveling north on 895 and my e- zpass states invalid. I call the service # 877 658 5919 and a person answers
with an accent that tells me to speak clearer. I thought this was still America, guess I am wrong. I give them my # and he comes back after two minutes to tell me he cannot help me call back in 24 hours. O f course I went ballistic and told him I have to use it in the am. His foreign response was well system is now updating maybe in 1 hour call back. It was purely obvious he had no intention of wanting to help at all. The state of New Jersey certainly deserves all the negative criticism it receives. Try employing people who actually want and need a job who can speak English as so we do not feel as refugees instead of proud Americans.

Bill 1/15/2016


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