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Recently I was contacted by someone that I knew.


Recently I was contacted by someone that I knew. Then the messages disappeared from the sight. Then I got a message from what I was told is the Facebook Foundation telling me that I was on a list for a Facebook grant to open a business or buy a home or to go to school. Well I was happy at first until the floor dropped out so to speak. I was told to get a grant for $500,000.00 it would cost me $6,000.00. Then I was treated like I was stupid and told if I really wanted the money for what I needed it would cost me. I am trying to get my mom and I back home. Were she can be close to her brothers. My mom is going blind so I had to try for this. My dad is gone and when he died he left her with nothing. I used my retirement money to try and save their house and they took the house 2 weeks after he died. so it is ok to do this to people. I have the messages on my phone about this whole mess. and it does not make me very happy that this came from Facebook.



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