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Today while on FB, I just finished looking at a


Today while on FB, I just finished looking at a story of the Hensel Conjoined Sisters. The next story was on a boy. Unsure of the context because my computer was Hijacked. I had alarms going off a recording stating to call the number posted. I was locked out of m computer as they held me hostage. I called the number thinking it was a real virus & Microsoft picked up on it immediately. At first I Thought that it was Techs but soon learned that I was actually locked out of the use of my computer. I knew it was a scam because they wanted money to fix the security systems. They said they have my IP address & all my FB info & credit cards & all. I Tried calling the Police they can't help. What do I do. Do I Just Never Go Back To Face Book Because It's No Longer A Safe Place To Be On!? I Sent A Warning Out To Everyone On FB. I gave them No Info Only My 1st Name & how old my computer is & that I Shop On Line. What DO I DO Now? H E L P !!!!!



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