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Sorry service. I have been LIED too several times


Sorry service. I have been LIED too several times over on delivery of packages. I have asked for a later delivery time and they tell me that the driver is in my area ONLY in the mornings. So I've been home all day waiting for a morning delivery which could be delivered as late as 8 o-clock tonight. I think they are just LIARS the customers center representatives will tell you they are going to send a message and some one will call you within 2 hours. That again is a lie. called back in and the 2nd CSR said that there was no notes as to a message being sent. So what do you do???????????? Fed Ex has not been a very reputable and reliable company. I think they just hire people that want a paycheck not a job where they have to work for their money. Sorry Fed Ex you done it to yourself



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